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welcome file list



welcome-file-list元素是一个计算机名词,当用户在浏览器中输入的URL不包含某个 servlet名或JSP页面时,welcome-file-list元素可指定显示的默认文件。...

jsp - How to configure welcome file list in web.xml - Stack Overflow

Feb 1, 2013 ... I have this in my web.xml document. I am trying to have a welcome list so I dont need to type the path for the home page anymore.

welcome-file-list in web.xml - javatpoint

Welcome file list in Servlet with examples on request dispatcher, session tracking , cookies, file upload, file download, crud, registration, login logout etc.

JavaWeb工程中web.xml基本配置- 火星十一郎- 博客园

2013年11月21日 ... </welcome-file-list>. 上面的例子指定了2个欢迎页面,显示时按顺序从第一个找起, 如果第一个存在,就显示第一个,后面的不起作用。如果第一个不 ...

welcome-file-list tag in web.xml file of Project

welcome-file-list tag is used to specify the files that are invoked by server by default, if you do not specify a file name while loading project in browser.

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Mar 17, 2014 ... Servlets : Web xml - Welcome file list JavaEE Tutorials and Sample code - Click here : http://ramj2ee.blogspot.in/

Declaring Welcome Files (The Java EE 6 Tutorial)

Declaring Welcome Files. The welcome files mechanism allows you to specify a list of files that the web container will use for appending to a request for a URL ...

<welcome-file> - Metawerx Java Wiki

This tag specifies the relative path of a single welcome file. ... folder is accessed, so this is not recommended for use as the only welcome-file in the list)

welcome-file-list配置问题- 开源中国社区

最近在配置spring mvc+velocity的时候发现welcome-file-list配置没有作用,请各位 指教配置文件大概如下.

welcome-file-list is ignored. 404 not found error returned · Issue ...

welcome-file-list is ignored. 404 not found error returned #810. Open. gissuebot opened this Issue on Jul 7, 2014 · 3 comments ...